I want a pet snake in QLD!
November 24, 2015

It may surprise you to learn that for a lot of people a snake actually makes the perfect pet! They take very little of your time – requiring only to be feed approximately once per week (depending on the snake and age class), regular topping up of a water bowl and a once or twice weekly clean of their enclosure. Contrary to popular belief many also like to be handled and can be quite affectionate in their own way… See, perfect! 🙂

So now I’ve sold you on the idea, how do you go about doing it?

Well, obviously for a start you will want something non-venomous (venomous snakes as pets will be addressed in a future post) and not to large. Antaresia species are a good start and include the spotted python, stimsons python, pygmy python and children’s python. Non of these snakes grow much bigger than a meter, and some much smaller and MOST are friendly. These pythons can be found at sites such as reptiles down under or herptrader.

Before you rush out and buy a snake though you will need to obtain a permit for holding non-venomous reptiles in QLD. These cost around $70 dollars and can be applied for online through the QLD governments web page.

Now, go out and enjoy mans NEW best friend 🙂

And as always, thanks for reading!