Snake Bite First Aid

First Aid Response


As a general rule snakes are secretive timid animals that are unlikely to want to waste their physiologically expensive venom on any animal that they are unable to prey upon. However, in rare cases as a result of either provocation or just wrong time wrong place bites can occur.

For this reason I have outlined correct snake bite first aid below;

1 - If unsure treat ALL snake bites or suspected snake bites as a medical emergency

2 - Call an ambulance immediately on 000

3 - Try and keep the patient as calm as possible as this will both slow the process of venom into the blood stream and provide an environment conducive to correct and effective first aid

4 - Apply a firm pressure bandage to the bitten limb starting at the fingers or toes and working up until the whole limb is covered. For bites to torso or head apply firm pressure to the bite site.

5 - Mark the bandage at the bite site

6 - Restrict the patients movement until medical help arrives, a splint or sling can help with this

DO NOT elevate the bite site

DO NOT use an arterial tourniquet

DO NOT try and catch or kill the snake

DO NOT wash the bite site

The best way to avoid a bite is to never approach a snake unless with a certified, experienced snake catcher who can ensure a correct ID is made and understands the temperament of different species