July Brisbane Snake Catcher Update
August 4, 2016

The temperature in SE QLD has been highly variable this July making life interesting for our Brisbane snake catchers.


Generally July is the slowest month for snake sightings and call outs, which has held true for much of the month. However, we have had a few unseasonably warm periods with snakes taking advantage and our phone ringing non-stop! The days with most action last month were the 23rd-25th with temperatures hitting as high as 30°!


There has been no variation in the types of snakes we have moved this month with all relocations and most ID requests involving our old friend the carpet python. We are starting to get quite a number of these guys out of people’s rooves, particularly in the older leafier Brisbane suburbs. So if you start to hear slithering in your ceiling space you may want to give us a call.


With June behind us we are likely to see the number of snake sightings begin to trend back upwards. Add to this the fact Pythons are currently utilizing ceiling spaces for winter brumation and it is probably a good time to make sure any trees overhanging your roof are cut back and access gaps are filled.


Have a great August everybody!