January Snake Catcher Update
February 18, 2017

In January, Brisbane was heatwave city with temperatures regularly in the mid to high 30’s! This has meant our busiest periods have been from mid-afternoon all the way through to mid-morning with only sporadic mid-day callouts for snakes sheltering from the heat in garages and sheds.


Red-bellied black snakes, common tree snakes and yellow-faced whip snakes have been the flavour of the month with Carpet pythons the most common nocturnal visitors. Snakes have been taking advantage of the hot weather with many household pets ending up as dinner – alongside the usual birds and Guinea pigs we have removed pythons with Eclectus parrots, a bearded dragon and even a kitten filling their belly’s.


The very high temperatures look set to hang around so make sure you snake proof your pet’s enclosures and keep an eye on cats and dogs.


Happy Feb!