Snake proofing your home
November 24, 2015

Hi all,

Over the winter months the most common callout I receive involves carpet pythons. When temperatures are low snakes go into a state known as brumation where they reduce their activity levels and ride out the colder months somewhere warm, hidden and preferably with a food source. For large bodied climbing snakes that can feed on small to medium sized mammals the perfect retreat is in the roofs of houses. Some people don’t mind this as the snakes are generally not seen and can keep the rodent populations at bay but for those afraid of snakes they can be a very unwelcome guest. Below I outline some basic steps to take when snake proofing your property!

A few easy steps to keep snakes away from your homes and celling spaces are;

– Cut back any trees overhanging your roof that would allow climbing snakes access

– Keep your yard tidy and free of things a snake can use for shelter

– Do not leave rubbish or food scraps around that can attract mice

– Clean bird cages regularly

– Regularly check for holes or gaps around your house or celling that could provide an entry point

Thanks for reading!