Snake Catcher Blog
February Snake Catcher Update
March 10, 2017

Snake sightings in Brisbane remained high throughout February with callouts for our snake catchers both day and night! February unfortunately saw our snake catchers called to a number of domestic residences to find carpet pythons consuming domestic cats and small domestic dogs. Although fairly rare it serves as an important reminder to us to be […]

January Snake Catcher Update
February 18, 2017

In January, Brisbane was heatwave city with temperatures regularly in the mid to high 30’s! This has meant our busiest periods have been from mid-afternoon all the way through to mid-morning with only sporadic mid-day callouts for snakes sheltering from the heat in garages and sheds.   Red-bellied black snakes, common tree snakes and yellow-faced […]

November Snake Catcher Update
December 4, 2016

Summer is definitely on the way with the mercury rising and ceiling fans and aircon units going into overdrive Brisbane wide! As always this period has snake catchers excited with not only increased snake movement but also spikes in the sightings of some less common Brisbane reptiles.   November did not deviate from the script […]

October Brisbane Snake Catcher Update
November 2, 2016

The upward trend in snake sightings seen in September continued throughout October with even a few late night visitors of the python variety starting to pop up on the warmer nights.   October was typified by a shift in the snake species being sighted with a not insignificant number of Eastern Brown Snakes and Red-bellied […]

September Brisbane Snake Catcher Update
October 4, 2016

With warm weather and sporadic rain making for some very humid days over September our snake catchers have had quite a few days at mid-summer busy levels! As is typical for this time of year however the busy runs came in patches when conditions were just right for reptiles. The vast majority of calls are […]

August Brisbane Snake Catcher Update
September 9, 2016

With temperatures trending upwards resulting in a particularly warm and humid August our Brisbane snake catchers have been kept very busy.   A notable capture from last month resulted in 6 tree snakes being removed from a single felled hollow tree. This made for some great pics!   The most common snake Brisbane residents have […]

May Brisbane Snake Catcher Update
June 1, 2016

Well the winter snap has finally hit and with it a marked reduction in snake sightings around Brisbane. While snakes are still moving around they are being very selective with when – highlighted by periods of the office phone ringing off the hook and periods with limited action! The month of May has seen the […]

April Brisbane Snake Catcher Update
May 5, 2016

The slowdown in snake sightings experienced during March reversed slightly during April with more of our scaly friends showing up around Brisbane suburbs. While obviously not at summer peaks this is still welcome news for snake lovers and terrible news for suffers of Ophidiophobia – the fear of snakes!   Carpet pythons seemed to have […]

November 2015 Brisbane Snake Activity
December 6, 2015

November has seen in increase in snake sightings and callouts for our Brisbane and Gold Coast snake catchers. Carpet python sightings while still a commonly encountered snake in November are starting to be matched by a number of other local snake species. This has meant a reduced amount of scrambling around in roof spaces and […]

Hibernation? Nope, Brumation!
November 24, 2015

With snakes beginning to move around due to the increased temperatures many people ask me questions regarding snake hibernation and are astonished when I explain that snakes don’t actually hibernate. Hibernation refers to the way warm-blooded animals over-winter by slowing their physiological processes, entering an unconscious state and burning fat reserves to maintain organs and […]